Wireless Infrastructure

RIS Commercial aim to provide fast, reliable and seamless roaming around your premises.

We will visit your site (free of charge)  to discuss your requirements and see the layout and building structures. We can then design a professional Wi-fi network system and provide you with a quote. 


Our engineers use a mapping technology enabling us to supply you with a Heat Map showing the exact Access Point locations required to obtain the perfect connected network.


Heat Mapping

When setting up a robust Wifi Network, there are several obstacles to overcome. Building infrastructures have inevitable network barriers such as internal and external walls, furniture and/or equipment which make it difficult or impossible for WiFi to penetrate. 

Many WiFi networks also encounter frequent connection drops, areas of slow speeds and signal dead zones.

Fortunately with our Heat-mapping technology we can provide a map of wireless signal coverage and strength to assess the areas of the building that require access points to boost and transfer the signal. This ensures a smooth transition as you move around the premises.

This is critical when you are using devices that need a constant reliable connection such as smart phones, scanners and tablet devices.