Upgrading technology in the work premises - Northern Energy

Northern Energy, one of the leading Oil and LPG suppliers in the North of England were refurbishing their head office. They asked Robinsons Integrated Solutions to rip out the old data network and reinstall to the new desk and office layout. They originally had conventional data points but the new office desks had built in units that required a slightly different approach to the final termination point. This was no problem for RIS who enjoy creating bespoke solutions for clients.

Not only did Northern Energy require a high speed cabled network it also had to have a professional seamless meshed Wi-Fi service within the building connecting all of their wireless devices.

As part of the brief, the company requested an audio system in the communal area where music could be played automatically between the opening hours of the business, without anyone needing to switch it on or off. To do this we integrated a SONOS wireless music system, which could be programmed to play music from 8am until 5pm without the need for anyone to physically control it. Another requirement was to have a keyless entry system on the building. They did not want to have to rely on someone to open up or more importantly ‘the last person to lock up!’. RIS designed and installed a system that allowed free access during the working hours, where the main doors opened automatically in the morning, and then at the end of the day it secured the building with no intervention. Staff often leave for the day at different times which may leave the whole building open with only one or two people in it, making the office vulnerable.To make everything secure we installed a biometric door entry system that only allows authorised staff in and out.

Other upgrades included boardroom improvements, integrating audio systems and a ceiling mounted projector. We also connected a remote property (approximately 1 mile away) to the company’s network and high-speed broadband. We had line of sight which enabled us to setup and install a 100MB wireless bridge which connected the two buildings seamlessly together.

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