Interactive digital display system - Pullans Leeds.

Our work at Pullans involved two stages.

Stage One:

In 2014 we were approached to offer a solution to replace some old out-dated tenant information boards. The client were going through a major refurbishment and they wanted the Information displays to look in-keeping with its new ultra-modern design. They also needed to be able to manage the content from a central location as there were 5 displays across a very large building.

Our answer was to replace the old displays with 50/55” touch screen panels and install a Cat6 data network back to the central office. We then provided a server with enough display ports to feed all the monitors and software to enable staff to update the pages. Pages were designed in-line with the company branding and digital maps created to guide visitors to the individual company suites. Staff could then open up the software and update the pages as and when there were any changes.

Click here to see our YouTube video of the new system in action.

Stage Two:

Roll on 4 years, the company started encountering a number of issues, possibly to do with wear and tear, Chrome updates, Extender Baluns or even the lightning strike they had!

We looked at a more modern way of updating and controlling the displays utilising as much of the current system as possible as well as removing the weak links to minimise as many points of failure as possible.

Welcome Intel Compute Sticks; As the diagram shows we turned the Cat 6 from a Balun distribution system to a LAN, connecting all the Compute Sticks and central server together. Now every display is stand alone and updating the information is much easier and robust. The system is also scalable not just for this site but also anywhere else the company chooses to have displays, bringing in consistency and conformity.

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