Production Line Surveillance

At Robinsons we pride ourselves on creating bespoke systems and finding solutions for individual company needs.
We look at the technology available and how we can adapt it to meet specific requirements and environments.

Todays modern production lines can be automated to an extent where there are minimal operators controlling production. With this 'Track and Traceability' becomes more important. 

Let our Surveillance and IT technology help you monitor, control and manage your production lines and general working environment.

Our CCTV systems can give you peace of mind that everything is running as it should be and in case of an incident we can be your first line of investigation.


Additional benefits


  • System is expandable to any number of cameras
    on the production line and/or around the premises.

  • Access control can be added for areas that are restricted/sensitive and can be seamlessly integrated with any of the surveillance cameras.

  • Real Time surveillance.

  • Simultaneous playback of all the cameras on the production line.

  • System can be integrated into any alarm output
    on the production line.

All resulting in:


  • Productive time management

  • Increased productivity

  • Health and safety

  • Security

  • Visual evidence 

  • Traceability of incidents