Farm Buildings / Livestock

Farm life often means early mornings and long days. At Robinsons Integrated Solutions, we're here to help maximise the efficiency of the everyday running of your farm. As well as ensuring farm equipment and livestock are kept safe. 

With clever use of CCTV cameras, and robust Wi-Fi networks we can allow you to monitor your livestock anywhere using a phone or tablet. This plays a particularly important role during lambing and calving seasons especially if you have multiple sites across a number of acres.

Having the ability to view your livestock from your phone, home and/or other farm buildings means you can utilise your time effectively, eliminating the need for unnecessary visits to different areas of the farm and also alerting you to emergencies. 

Kelly overhead.png

We installed a Wi-Fi bridge to link sites across the valley of this farm to ensure the farmer could keep an eye on his livestock from home and from connected wireless devices.


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