Commercial Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting - SAVE up to 85% on your lighting costs!

LED managed lighting systems

RIS have Partnered with IST, leading LED Lighting specialist. IST are renowned for pushing the boundaries of LED technology, IST has been installing its pioneering centralised iDrive LED drivers and flicker-free, biodynamic Serenity Lighting luminaires for lighting projects within some of the world's most prestigious venues since 2011.

The evolution of new LED lighting systems has eradicated the need for complicated electrical wiring;



Features and Benefits

  • Less wiring in the ceiling

  • Less errors and snagging issues

  • Low voltage

  • Light Management

  • Daylight harvesting

  • Lower running costs

  • Less maintenance costs - no drivers in ceiling to fail.

  • Scalable and robust

  • Wall switch and remote tablet controls

  • Combined energy savings estimated between 50%- 85%

  • Better working environment

  • Centralised Power at ground level - Easy access for commissioning

  • and future maintenance.

Cleaner, simple and more cost effective than traditional lighting systems.

Typical DALI Commercial lighting

LED -Centralised Commercial lighting

Lighting affects our Health and Wellbeing

Artificial lighting can significantly affect our health and wellbeing, with a number of studies showing that 'long-term, over-exposure to artificial light is associated with a number of conditions, including type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, and some types of cancer.' Read the full article at 

Circadian Lighting

Circadian Lighting can support human health by mimicking 
the colour and intensity of natural light throughout the day
to support the human circadian
Read more about Circadian lighting here.

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