Hotels / Public Houses

Hotels and public houses as with any other commercial business have a responsibility to keep their staff and customers safe. By assessing your premises and company requirements we can design bespoke CCTV, security and IT systems to suit your needs.

We take the following into consideration when designing a system:

  • Location of CCTV cameras

  • CCTV signage is prominent in areas of surveillance

  • Types of camera best suited, e.g. pan, tilt and zoom or infrared

  • ​Electronic access control 

  • Flexible card access
  • Master control system

CCTV harrogate

There are minimum requirements and best practices for camera installation within the hotel industry.

Depending on your requirements we look to install cameras to monitor the following areas:

  • All public access / egress points, including final fire exits and must also ensure that nights team can view guests using entry access/intercom system at main entrance. Facial recognition quality.  

  • Staff entrance / exit. Facial recognition quality

  • Delivery access / egress points. Facial recognition quality

  • Loading dock & receiving area. 

  • All vehicle access / egress points, including basement parking. Licence plate identification quality. 

  • Car Park(s) (Minimum of 1 camera per Zone of 30 spaces). Licence plate identification quality. 

  • Forecourts and drop off areas. 

  • Reception / front desk.  

  • Guest & service elevator lobbies (and/or lift interior) on all floors 

  • Outlets / bars. 

  • All tills and cash handling areas, including the cashier's office. 

  • Over safes & safety deposit (boxes). 

  • Luggage room. 

  • IT server room.   (interior/ best full coverage of IT equipment) 

  • Data archive storage room(s)  

  • Office corridors, staff clock in/out machines, key watcher/cabinets 

  • All vulnerable perimeter areas, including storage rooms /refuse areas and the approaches to those areas  

  • Any other area that is identified as being a vulnerable gap in the hotel’s security.