Health Care / Care Homes

  • Secure Entry and Access Control

  • Data Protection

  • Low Cost Lighting

  • Efficient Running Costs

Protection of staff working and patients living environments is of paramount importance. We implement robust IT networks and meshed WiFi systems to provide a reliable internet connection across the site in order for staff to be able to access and update patient information where needed. 


Managed access control and security systems provide a safe environment for both staff and patients.

We're able to provide NEW, more cost efficient and reliable managed lighting solutions that are powered over structured cabled systems and data networks making them easier to install, operate and maintain. Saving between 50- 85% on running and operating costs.

See our LED lighting page for more info.

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  • Access control 

  • Staff monitoring

  • Safeguarding

  • IT networks

  • WiFi infrastructure

  • Secure patient information

  • CCTV