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A message from Mark Illingworth, Managing Director.

Leaner, meaner, focused and ready to serve our existing and expanding Customers.... I heard a piece from a business coach recently saying that Formula One is a bit like running a business and during a race you get a pitstop, and what is the purpose of this pitstop? To try and make your car go faster. To make sure you win the race or at least finish the race!

So here at RIS we have used this lockdown time to work on our business so we come out of this very challenging period faster and stronger. I feel like we have not only changed the tyres but have come out with a whole new racing car! Not that there was anything wrong with the one we had but the racing track we are coming out on is a whole new circuit, the weather has changed and we have new cars to compete with.

Fortunately in our business we are not just dealing in one market, our technology and expertise crosses over into many areas of opportunity, so over the past 8 weeks or so, I have re-tuned our focus and timelines. Initially to cater for the immediate demands of some of our existing customers with technology such as fever detection cameras, replacing fingerprint readers with facial recognition entry and general contactless devices.

Fever Screening technology
Commercial Building System Installers
SMART buildings

IT technology is behind everything we do, even when it comes to centralised cloud based services. Two years ago we moved our business to the cloud along with some of our customers so the move to remote working was effortless for us, so again we can offer help and advice in that area now, as most businesses need to look at how they conduct their day to day operations. We are not out of the woods yet with the effects of the Coronavirus and no one knows how long it will last for, but one thing is for certain, it is going to have a lasting effect on how people and businesses are going to conduct themselves going forward and technology integration is going to be at the centre of it.

At RIS we have adapted the office and operation to foster new health and safety procedures to help protect our staff and customers and we are ready for what I think are going to be very exciting times and opportunities ahead. Full of uncertainness yes, but I see this as a challenge, no different to when we our faced with a challenging project from one of our clients. We are here to help and serve so if you are someone facing an issue with your home, business, school, care facility or you in the middle of trying to design and develop a SMART Building, we are one click or phone call way.


All the very best and everyone keep safe. Mark

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