Cloud Based Services

The one thing that the Covid19 pandemic has taught us, is that we need to look at our businesses and how can we protect ourselves if this sort of event happens to us again.


We moved our business and several other companies to the Cloud 2 years ago, so when we recently had to change where all our staff worked from, we did not have to do anything, our day to day back office function continued as normal.


We can offer you comprehensive advice by completing a root and branch survey of your back office business, how individuals work, communicate, store and retrieve files, handle emails, all programs used, etc.


As well as having the ability to work remotely, there are many other benefits to moving to the Cloud, such as GDPR compliance, virtual hosted desktops, automatic Backups, archiving, antivirus antispam management, the ability to grow and
downsize quickly, increased efficiently and many more benefits.

Network Device Management

Cloud-based services enable us to make essential services, applications,  or resources available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers. This ensures you have a business that can function online, where remote workers can access data and work from home. Upgrading your system will give you and your clients the
confidence that your business can survive through such unparalleled times.

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