Fever detection cameras are proving to be essential for businesses including food production, airports, health care and hospitals to help keep staff and patients safe. Using non-contact technology to instantly check and detect elevated body temperatures.

Entrances to the building can be set up and managed independently with a camera, recorder and manned monitors.
The system can also be fully integrated to be managed centrally and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) recorders we can record the information using facial recognition technology so the detected people can be linked to the staff database for identification.

Facial Recognition technology which allow for quick and reliable building entry with designated doors/ gate entry systems to ensure only authorised staff are entering the building. Facial recognition offers a quick, automatic, and seamless verification experience meaning a more hygienic and convenient entry system.

Access control systems can also be integrated with accurate Time and Attendance recording, helping your business run more efficiently.

We look to implement minimum standards for each CCTV installation:

Quality: Provide high resolution images for the target area in view for each camera. 

Storage: The recording system must provide sufficient storage for the required cameras for the required duration to meet National Standards and company regulations, e.g. minimum of 30-day colour recording facility.  

Access: Ability to access content via defined user level access with username and password hierarchies. 

Playback: Ease of use in selecting specified video playback. Exported media/footage must be capable of being viewed by users on non-specialist equipment.

Monitoring:  Individual cameras can be selected for display on monitors within the control area through a keyboard or through a PC touch screen. Ability to view multiple recordings simultaneously.


Date and Time: the recorded image must include the accurate date and time. 



CCTV obligations

As a CCTV owner there are rules and regulations you must adhere to. Please download our PDF guide for more information.

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