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 CCTV Solutions 

High Definition CCTV cameras to keep you and your premises safe!

We have an extensive range of HD CCTV camera systems suitable for any environment. CCTV cameras act as a proven deterrent, help prevent crime and capture vital images should an intruder appear on the grounds or inside the premises. 

NO LIMIT to our range of CCTV cameras and systems.

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Check out our video on Outstanding night vision!

We supply and install HD cameras over IP networks using CAT5/6 cabling and Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE camera systems provide a more efficient and reliable system, with one cable carrying power and data. We can also offer HD over existing coaxial systems if you are requiring an upgrade to your existing system. Our systems are available for remote viewing and push notifications to your phone. We can connect the Wi-Fi router with NVR (Network video recorder) as well.

HikVision Darkfighter

Facial Recognition Technology


Quick and reliable building entry systems.

Fever Screening

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Non-contact temperature recognition.

The small print!

CCTV Minimum Standards and Obligations

We look to implement minimum standards for each CCTV installation:

Quality: Provide high resolution images for the target area in view for each camera. 

Storage: The recording system must provide sufficient storage for the required cameras for the required duration to meet national standards and company regulations, e.g. minimum of 30-day colour recording facility.  

Access: Ability to access content via defined user level access with username and password hierarchies. 


Playback: Ease of use in selecting specified video playback. Exported media must be capable of being viewed by users on non-specialist equipment.

Monitoring:  Individual cameras can be selected for display on monitors within the control area through a keyboard or through a PC touch screen. Ability to view multiple recordings simultaneously.


Date and Time: The recorded image must include the accurate date and time.  

CCTV obligations

As a CCTV owner there are rules and regulations you must adhere to. Please download our PDF guide for more information.