Efficient work entry systems with Time and Attendance recording

 Access Control 

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Make your Access Control System work for you


Now more than ever it's important we have accurate and safe ways to enter your workplace with minimal interaction.

As a Paxton Access Control registered installer, we can offer a wide range of secure, reliable and financially viable systems to control who is authorised to have access to your building and when that entry is permitted. 

  • Facial Recognition Technology

  • Biometric Readers

  • Paxton Access Control

  • Automated Gated Entry Systems

  • Fob Door Entry

Facial Recognition


With advances in technology we can install a series of biometric readers including facial recognition technology which allow for quick and reliable building entry with designated entry systems that integrate accurate Time and Attendance recording, helping your business run more efficiently.

Fever Screening

Facial recognition software can be combined with fever detection cameras to ensure authenticated entry and quick detection of elevated body temperatures.

Watch HikVision fever screening technology in action!

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